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New Vampire Books For Us To Be Obsessed With!

The Serpent and the Wings of Night by Carissa Broadbent

My rating: 5/5

“So many mistakes in the end,” he choked out. “Never you.”

I am obsessed with this story, and I CANNOT wait for the next one as I cannot wait to see where it is going. The world-building and plot (after the first few chapters) were perfect, and the characters were complex, likeable, and very well-written. This book screams this line; “The world was not easy or straightforward. Goodness was never pure or simple.”

Raihn was such a complicated love interest who holds onto secrets so well but has those amazing moments that get you excited to keep reading. One of my favourites was: “The realization shifted in his face. ‘You are afraid of me.'”

Oraya was such a badass who was still soft and filled with so much love. Mostly towards Vincent. This line got me. “I knew this, there was nothing Raihn could say to convince me that he didn’t. Vincent’s love was truth like the moon was truth.” She is a perfect example of how you can love those who raised you even if they did bad things. Her relationship with her father was mostly warm, and then there were those moments of “Give me back my girlhood. It was mind first.” – Taylor Swift.

I also loved the introduction of Nyaxia. How she stood before them, and Oraya said she was not a person. She was an event. That is such a powerful line.

The banter between Oraya and Raihn was so great. There were so many well-done tropes in this story.
Found family
“Touch her, and you die,” and “Touch him, and you die”

I feel like the next one will turn up the spice in the best way, and I cannot wait.

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