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Great NEW Fantasy Series

A Curse of Blood & Stone by K.A. Tucker

My rating: 4/5

“I can’t live in this world if it’s not with you by my side.”

This book was a great suggestion from Kobo, of all places. It had a great found family element and a phenomenal 2nd chance love. The spice level was only at a 2, so many different groups of people would enjoy this. ACOBAS was easy to read and pretty enjoyable all the way through.

I personally loved the world-building pace, but I thought the narrative pace was a bit slow. The stand out for this book is the introduction of many secondary characters that I loved so much. While the first book really introduced us to Romy and Zander, in this book, we got to love so many new characters. Jarek and Elisaf may be my favourites. I am also obsessed with Pan and Eden. I would like to learn a bit more about Atticus; right now, he is a confusing villain.

My heart broke with Romy every step of the way on her journey. The writing puts you in the shoes of Romy so well and even gives you sympathy towards Zander. In the first book, it was easy to forget Romy’s plights for the people of this new magical land, but in this book, you realize all Romy has lost. I will say I think she fell into the role of leader a little too quickly. I also with Zander was either a little less noble or a little nobler; he is hard to love this way. I also think I would have preferred more angst between the two characters.

The whole book had good journey vibes, except for the part where we hear about Sophie and Elijah, as their plot lines felt kind of thrown together.

The princess Diana jokes were absolutely chef’s kiss.

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