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Disappointing Books #1 of 2023

This Blood that Binds Us by S.L. Cokeley

My rating: 2/5

I will admit I did buy this because of TikTok and the beautiful cover. It helps that I usually love anything to do with vampires. Unfortunately, this book read like the type of YA Wattpad books that I get bored of. (I do like some Wattpad books, just not this type).

The pace and world-building honestly didn’t make sense. What was their goal? To be on the run or lead a normal life because they didn’t seem urgent enough about any of it.

This was found family that did not make sense. The brothers seemed too close to allow her in that quickly. Aaron was childish, and the brothers didn’t seem to have a character. They were just many things thrown together. I did not understand Kimberley’s relationship with any of them. Kimberely would be a fine character in some other book, but this story was insufferable.

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