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    New Vampire Books For Us To Be Obsessed With!

    The Serpent and the Wings of Night by Carissa Broadbent My rating: 5/5 “So many mistakes in the end,” he choked out. “Never you.” I am obsessed with this story, and I CANNOT wait for the next one as I cannot wait to see where it is going. The world-building and plot (after the first few chapters) were perfect, and the characters were complex, likeable, and very well-written. This book screams this line; “The world was not easy or straightforward. Goodness was never pure or simple.” Raihn was such a complicated love interest who holds onto secrets so well but has those amazing moments that get you excited to keep…

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    Disappointing Books #1 of 2023

    This Blood that Binds Us by S.L. Cokeley My rating: 2/5 I will admit I did buy this because of TikTok and the beautiful cover. It helps that I usually love anything to do with vampires. Unfortunately, this book read like the type of YA Wattpad books that I get bored of. (I do like some Wattpad books, just not this type). The pace and world-building honestly didn’t make sense. What was their goal? To be on the run or lead a normal life because they didn’t seem urgent enough about any of it. This was found family that did not make sense. The brothers seemed too close to allow…

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    Great NEW Fantasy Series

    A Curse of Blood & Stone by K.A. Tucker My rating: 4/5 “I can’t live in this world if it’s not with you by my side.” This book was a great suggestion from Kobo, of all places. It had a great found family element and a phenomenal 2nd chance love. The spice level was only at a 2, so many different groups of people would enjoy this. ACOBAS was easy to read and pretty enjoyable all the way through. I personally loved the world-building pace, but I thought the narrative pace was a bit slow. The stand out for this book is the introduction of many secondary characters that I…